Tuesday, March 18, 2008

fuck it.

I'm so fuckin sick I can't stand it, a couple of hours ago I coughed so hard I fuckin threw up. Needless to say it was horrible. It has been a great start to my spring break, only 6 more days to go! All I have to do is go back to work, shoot shit for class, finish all of my late assignments, get in contact with the designers I have to shoot for, and try and find the time to clean out my room, which I told myself that I would do now, but I went online instead. I tried getting the stuff I needed to shoot a still life for one of my assignments but there wasn't any money in my account, and for the fifth time this year I had to walk out of a store empty handed.
I guess since I wrote it all out and there's proof of my intentions I should actually start cleaning my room. I'm sick and tired, and being a whiny lil' bitch, at leaste I actually wrote something else though.

Friday, November 23, 2007

what the fuck am i doing...

I have a chronic procrastination problem. I just can't seem to make time for anything except bullshit, this being a perfect example. I'm only doing this because I'm avoiding the book I'm reading, to avoid the project I've been avoiding, to avoid the fact that I haven't done anything for the show that I'm apart of. I think it's official, in the game of Life I lose. However, in the game of procrastination, I fuckin O.W.N.